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Our vision as a private Christian studio is to lead people of all walks of life to a place of deep and personal encounter with God in preparation for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ


GFM United Prayer & Revival Ministry Studios
Our Vision

GFM UPRMS Media and Revival studio was birthed as a result of a life-changing encounter that Evangelist Gabriel Fernandes had with the Lord Jesus Christ. One day, while in prayer, he had an open vision in which He had an experience with the Lord in his prayer room and was instructed to go forth, reach out and prepare people for the soon return of the Lord through a message of reconciliation, restoration and revival. Since its inception, GFM UPRM Media and Revival Studio has reached out to more than 30 million people around the globe on various platforms – many of whom have placed their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and experienced His liberating power.


About Ev. Gabriel Fernandes

Ev. Gabriel Fernandes Biography

Called to serve the Lord at a very young age, Gabriel Fernandes is an ordained evangelist with a powerful end-time message of reconciliation, restoration and revival. His life’s mission is to point as many people as possible to the Fountain of Salvation – Jesus Christ, and to prepare the people for His glorious return by calling everyone back to a deep and genuine walk with God. His hunger and passion to share about the Lord Jesus Christ at every opportunity has led him to preach the Gospel to millions of people on various different platforms including, radio, television and the internet. Over the years, it has become evident that Gabriel carries a peculiar anointing to draw people to Jesus through his ministry with many spectacular miracles following, including deliverance, prophecy, healing and divine encounters with the Lord. Gabriel firmly believes that nothing is impossible with Jesus and that there is no barrier that can stop Him, not even distance or time. Accordingly, thousands of testimonies have been submitted by people all over the world who have received extraordinary miracles as they prayed along with Gabriel via the airwaves in Jesus name. As a servant of Christ, Gabriel’s greatest joy is to see lives being transformed and restored as they yield themselves to the unfailing love and power of God.