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Kindly Note that the Man of God, Evangelist Gabriel Fernandes prays for every prayer request that is sent in. In order to send in your prayer request so that He can pray for you simply click on daily prayer list or the button below:



evangelist gabriel fernandes
evangelist gabriel fernandes


Greetings to everyone I just wanna thank the Lord for the miraculous work that he has done in my life. I was brought up in the church and had a normal life like everyone did until i reached 17 years old when I was on and off the word of God. I took God lightly and was going to church and acting all innocent in front of everybody. I only depended on God when I needed something or when I was hurt or when I felt like my life was like a stone tossed over a cliff. I was always playing around with his word, reading the Bible and lying to myself and just being so ungrateful for what Jesus has done for me. Then just this year after I turned 19 and was in University, we were going to have a mid-semester test but I did not prepare well and the night before the exam, i was too tired to study so i woke up at around 5:48am the next morning and began studying. I was so upset on myself because i felt like i failed my parents and just did not want to school anymore BUT i prayed and asked the Lord to please help me this once and i will turn completely to him so the test began at 8:00am but we had to be in the exam room at 7:45am. After the exam, when we received the results, i got 9/10, i was so happy but then again i forgot about the Lord and what i said in my prayer. I stayed the same for 3-4 weeks, kept on sinning over and over again until one glorious night i was thinking back of how the Lord was so faithful and forgiving, that night i fell to my knees and repented and cried out to the Lord to rescue me from myself. Afterwards i started seeing a change but part of the old me was still there telling me to enjoy life. On the 14 of May 2018, my mom came to visit me and help the family with my sick cousin. Being my mother, she started sharing the word of God with me and suggested that I watch your videos but I didn't feel like it but i just thought you know...lets just give it a try. The next day I was touched by Gabriel Fernandes and from there on it changed my life totally. So I encourage you to believe in God because he has a plan for your life. It takes time but God works in mysterious ways. May the Lord bless you abundantly
Cenar Helava Kotobalavu
God is doing SO many great things, I don’t have room to say it here, but I truly cannot thank God enough for leading me by His Holy Spirit just over a month and a half ago to come across GFM TV and this amazing united prayer and revival ministry! As soon as I began praying daily with GFM, I felt God’s great love and grace touching and restoring my life in so many ways, bringing many breakthroughs, and helping me to enjoy a deeper genuine relationship with the Lord. Every day as I continue praying and believing for others and for my own life with more faith, I am experiencing God's refreshing Presence, joy and goodness and I know He is making all things new!! Alleluia! Recently, when I asked for prayer and faith agreement for rain in the area I live (after many dry months of drought), how happy I was and I praise God —- when He answered and sent rain within 24 hours (even though weather predictions said we would stay in a drought!!) God is SO good!!! I continue to thank Him for all He is doing through this wonderful ministry and through His calling on Ev. Gabriel. “May those who love Him be like the sun when it rises in its strength.” (Judges 5:31) Amen and amen, in Jesus Mighty Name! (Canada🇨🇦🙏🇨🇦)
Susan M
Relationship with sister restored. Son marriage better restoration.
Telair Hawkins
These prayers are helping me. I seen so much change in this whole week. These prayers are teaching me and finding help. I feel like I'm getting closer to God again. I have a huge testimony on God and his word is true. He loves us and never gives up on us. Also he talks to us gives us guidance. Jesus is my King. Amen.
I listen to Evangelist Gabriel Fernandes's teaching on receiving the holy spirit and speaking in tongues and the good lord gave me a excellent gift of speaking in tongues I speak a whole other language which sounds like a mix of Hebrew, Spanish, Brazilian dialects or Greek I don't know but my tongue has changed and I pray in tongues and it just flows out like water and since I spoke in tongues that day I am now able to sleep without the lights on and some words I speak I understand what am saying in most of it is me pleading with the lord and saying I want to seek him and I call him rabbi a lot and asking him to heal these are some of the words I can interpret the rest I can't yet... But praise the lord for his grace n mercy  his a wonderful God.. may his glory fill the earth as it is in heaven. WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE
Miamae serenity mykaa
Dear Evangelist Gabriel Fernandes. Praise God,
Our God is forever faithful. You have been praying with me for a job for about a week.  Just today I got a confirmation about the interview I had done two days ago. I got a full-time job that I was asking God to give me.
All Glory and Honour to him.  Thank you for your prayers.  Soon I will be pressing the sowing button to the Praise of our faithful God.

God Bless you mightly.
I'm so grateful God has leaf me to you. You are truly an earth Angel to me. May God bless your socks off in a mighty way. My life has changed for the better since I've listen, pray and agree to your daily prayers. Please keep me and my daughter Tyana in your prayers always. Bless you, bless you and warm Thanks
Tanya Marshburn
I had been having  severe  pain    all over the  upper abdominal for three days and this night I Prayed the healing prayer 3 times anda woke up this morning the pain was gone. Thank Jesus .thank you Mr. And I want Jesus in my live all the time. GOD BLESS YOU
Ester Duclos
I had applied for a job as an aupair with Nauriya family for which i had to clear Medical PCC and passport stamping and when i could not clear medical the 1 st and 2nd time i came to know abt Evangelical Gabriel Fernandous and i put my prayer request to him and went for the medical and i cleared my medical PCC and Passport stamping all three quickly. AMEN. Praise the Lord
Sheba Mary Joseph
Dear Evangelist,

May the Lord continue to bless. Just as I agreed with you yesterday in the financial prayers.  Today the Lord did it for me. I received finances I did not expect and I give God all the glory. Man of God you are God sent to my life and to the world.

God Bless You.
I have been going through a situation with my job where I needed a specific document to work here in the USA. I started listening to this ministry in November of 2017. Evangelist Fernandez’s prayers have helped me to stick it out knowing that supernatural help was on the way. I started asking for personal prayers in January to receive this document in quick turn around time. Unbelievably there is a process to receiving it but the last step that usually took four to six weeks miraculously took one week...praise the Lord. I think Mr Fernandez know me personally by the amount of time I kept asking for prayers. I am now in possession of the document but initially my job wasn't forthcoming in wanting to rehire. Once again I wrote in with  several prayer requests to this ministry, the holy ghost rose up a standard against the enemy and my God,  I signed my contract this past week, May 16, to begin in August. God put the devil to flight. Thank You Jesus. This has been ongoing since August of last year. Your wait may seem  long but remember, All good things take time. He makes all things beautiful in His time. 2 Peter 3; 8-9 also reminds us that But do not forget this one thing, dear friends. With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years is like a day. The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise, as some understand slowness. Instead He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.
Sidia Campbell
I requested prayer for myself because I wanted to walk in faith and move from my home town and live in a different state and I wanted conformation from God not to long after I requested the pray I got approve from the apt complex that i can move in the apt out of states. And then Not long after I went out of state to finalize every thing my job was put under attack so I came back for prayer for my job and all I can say is I am still here and the person who finding all kind of ways to take my job (for no reason ) is fustrated because it is not working in her favor for her to take my job away Thank you Jesus
Nyla tawiah
There is a long history of witchcraft in my family line and religious spirits, which has worked against my faith and life for many years. Since praying persistently for over a month with Ev. Gabriel I am standing in stronger faith and grace and fighting the good fight with confidence and I am believing and receiving deliverance in many areas. I am pressing in to God and a deeper faith fellowship with the Lord and others.
Susan M
I am a survivor of human trafficking.
I was was rape, sodomized for 9 months, the men involved would love me a drug and put me to sleep and rape me. They put semen, urine and other stuff in the food and drinks.they took patches of my hair, my teeth started falling apart. I had more than one STDs, I smelled really bad. I was boney.they laughed at how they made me ugly and nobody would like me. The day they were going to kill me. One word came to mind,Mercy as I whispered,God please have mercy on me, please. A path open up for me to get away. I ran. They tried to catch me and they couldn't. I felt I wasn't going to make it out alive, I kept saying, mercy, Father..whail running. I got away. God came real to me in that moment, I have not looked back. I'm rebuilding my life with God and on God word. Love the journey. I am grateful for these videos,prayers. When I struggle with myself and life. I search and find a prayer to help me get threw. I listen to the prayers when I sleep so I can have a peaceful sleep.God had saved me mind,my life. He is still healing me in different areas. I trust,love, believe him. Im standing and smiling today with God love.
When God is going to use you not even your enemies can destroy you.
What a mighty God we serve Amen
Ladena Hampton
In July 2O17 as  I went for my annual check up, my gyneco told me that I've got an ovarian kyst of 4 cms. He fixed another appointment in march this year. Meanwhile In November 2017, I come across Gfm ministries videos, I pray along with Gabriel. God is amazing, I went to my appointment, after  the doctor finished  doing the echography. He tell me all ok. the kyst has dissapear. I thank god for healing me, with him you will Never be deceived
I have been agreeing in prayer with this ministry daily and each day I pray on my own first, then I listen and there is always a confirmation. I know I am praying according to the Holy Spirit and he is confirming it through this ministry daily. This ministry is a blessing to my prayer life. I Thank God for this ministry and for the anointing on Evangelist Gabriel's life. I agree today with the Deliverance prayer regarding Freedom and Liberty in my life. I recieve deliverance from every weight in Jesus Name and I Thank my God for using this ministry to pray on my behalf and confirm it today
Good day Gabriel Fernandes,
I'm very greatful that the Good Lord almighty, addresses every topic that i went to Him in prayers. The various prayers i went to Him with where all answerd throug GFM everytime you uploaded your prayers. From april true may there was a powerfull answer, with a powerfull message and solution from God in it. I was surrounded by people who only contacted me when my help was needed, some off them made me feel unworthy . GFM's prayer of may 18th brought a radical change in my live. I was contacted on 19 of may to help again, and I prayed these words, Lord if it isn't Your will bring an answer. I was called instantly within seconds, that my help is not needed anymore.
Glory to God, praise and honour to God
Peggy-Ann Mac-Donald
I had just stared praying on the YouTube channel had been struggling paying  my bills & other things I had just passed my 3 1/2 year of my employment was over due for a raise and  after a weekend of fasting & praying got my raise at work thank you Lord Jesus for coming through  & sending the man of God to pray with
Ana wagner
God has answered all my prayers summited. My household has been restored back into order and in fellowship with God. I been blessed with a nice paying job I been trying to get for a year. Being a single parent with Lupus can be overwhelming. The rebellious stage was active that being said my 15,18 and 20 yr was giving me a hard time daily they were like taking turns. My 18yr old would sneak out in the middle of the night etc. 15 yr ditching classes. We are over a year in a new state not even 1 year and a half. So that was hard on my body & I was getting sick at the time not knowing it was lupus until I got real sick losing weight and found out it was Lupus. I give Glory to God because It's been over a year I been under spiritual attack through my  children & they was delivered. The devil can't & couldn't touch me in my faith so he went to my children & health. Since I been doing prayers daily with this ministry I have my Joy back! I use to be sad because
I haven't found a place to worship since I moved across the states and felt my household shaking so I been praying to God that he lead me. This wonderful ministries is what I was lead to. My children has been humbled & my relationship is solid in the Kingdom and Jesus. My strength is balanced strong in him, My prayer life is back! I was so sick i'm not because It's revealed  what's wrong the doctors didn't know at first but I kid u not I was sitting down and a message about lupus symptoms came across the monitor and heard the spirit say that is what you got. I told my doctor to test me for that because  I was already tested positive for Autoimmune Disease. Things have been revealed I can hear from God again for so long I was lost in guilt.  I neglected my relationship with Jesus for others and don't ever want to do that again. I'm so grateful to this ministry It woke me up through prayers. I can't  explain I just know my spirit hears and agrees and can testify to  the changes The Most High is doing. I look forward to my 1st pay check and partnership. I Love you all and Thank  you for your prayers and agreement.Shalom
Synitha Gilford
Hi, I m from France and I wanted to tell you that God gave me a good job, it wasnt easy and I was really scared but Pastor Gabriel prayed for me, I asked him so many times and I m sure God heard me trought his prayers. So thank you Lord Jesus Christ, Thank you Pastor Gabriel. Everytime I let a prayer request, I felt lighter and encouraged thanks to your prayers and you helped me and still helping now through your wonderful youtube videos, they are helping me and others. But I still have others requests , that's why I constantly pray for me , my son and my family and other people because I want to receive but it 's so important to give as well. i ENCOURAGE PEOPLE to do the same, never give up , there is always hope that things can get better, and believe it even if you re desperate NEVER GIVE UP, KEEP PRAYING. God bless you all.
I am believing and receiving by the power and authority of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. From Canada Vancouver British Columbia Main Street Mount Pleasant area South Vancouver.
Through Gabriel Fernandes YouTube videos.
Thank you Jesus for Gabriel Fernandes. Thank you Jesus for the time he is sacrificing to have these videos each and every day.  Hallelujah praise God. Thank you Jesus
Christal Hill