My love called me and talked to me.
Dhananjay puran
God has saved me from an accident while travelling in a underground metro train. Praise the lord. Amen
Glory to God almighty Hi Greetings to you in Jesus name.My name is Susan Sujatha from India Bangalore.
Forget not all His benefits psa 103:2b I'm very grateful to GFM ministries and also Evangelist Gabriel Fernandes man of God because of his prayers I'm blessed He is my great friend and  very good support in my prayer life.when I started watching his videos from that time my life totally changed I'm become very brave,storng in faith very successful in spiritual growth God opened new doors in spiritual growth to preach& teach and give Testimonies in Kannada through local TV channel .all credit goes to Gabriel Fernandes I honour you,Thank u for your everlasting love God bless your ministry love you allwith love Susan Sujatha.
Susan sujatha
Shalom sons and daughter of the most high,my name is Elizabeth I am from Namibia, I first listen to the video of Evangelist Gabriel on the first of may 2018 the one for filling with fresh fire ,that night I spoke to God I say I need a new thing in my life ,show me one of your pastor or prophet here on YouTube who I can pray with and your spirit can touch me through him or her ,then I see this man ,I decide to open his videos ,as I listen and watch the burning sensation started on my back in my stomach and then my chest I never felt the holy spirit this way.the next day during the day this burning start again without me even praying ,I realise is a touch of God so I went in my room and start praying.I have been unemployed for four month ,I fasted prayed ,goen to man of God to pray for me but did not work ,the next day after three night of praying with Evangelist Gabriel when I woke up I found a message telling me that they have a post for me and they want me to send them my CV and other document ,meaning I get a job first and apply after, this can only be God ,I am on three month contract I praise the living God .he who gave it to me will make it permanent in Jesus name .seems that night to today I follow this man of God ,may God increase him .I invite you to Namibia man of God so you can pray for my nation .I love you for ever .
Elizabeth Ishitile
My testimony is that since I've been listing to speak and pray with you I've always prayed the The Lord Jesus would help me to find a job I've been without a job for 1year and 5 months and yesterday I went to a interview and praise God I got the job so I want to say thank to Gabriel Fernandes thank you and that God does answer our prayers
Fatima Ribeiro
I am listening to your daily word is a mighty testimony, which my heart has caught up so much for the dear LORD... living by the preaching... more than enough for me, since having a weak area in me I can't look at my SAVIOUR.... God bless us all..
I just wanted to share how I’ve been impacted by your ministry.  My sister found you on the internet about a month ago. Ever since, I’ve been praying with you daily. God has deepened my relationship with him quickly. I am already seeing my life change.  Your prayers are answers to questions  that I asked God. I thought he was calling me to do certain things and the prayers confirmed it. Love the prophetic word.  God is using you to do mighty things.  One day you said someone watching has a pain , you pointed to your right side near the rib cage. I was that someone. I prayed that prayer, the pain left instantly and never returned. I’ve had my divine encounter and get to experience the Lord JESUS Christ my savior on a deeper level. He speaks to me like never before. I was under attack and the spiritual warfare prayers really educated me about the supernatural realm.  I was pleased to hear that when you get to a certain altitude some spirits can’t attack you due to your anointing. I’ve been battling heavily since becoming a Christian about a year ago.  Every time I pray one of the prayers I receive what I asked for.  God is amazing. Keep doing what you do. God bless
Samimah Sabir
Thank you brother for your support and prayers, as my court session wrapped-up today and I received exceeding amounts of favor and decisions! Not only did the judge not take any of my existing custody, but I received additional time with my children. This will allow these young boys to continue to get to know our Lord and his mightiness. The Lord exceeded my expectations! all Praise to Him!
Roldan Flores
All glory to our awesome God! My husband Colin had a navel hernia for many years that got to the the size of a adults head! After almost, being very sick, I convinced him to go to the Hospital. Saturday they performed a emergency operation and was told the chances of losing his bowels were big! He got out of ICU yesterday afternoon and a Dr spoke to him this morning 22 May and told him it was a very huge operation he he should have been dead. That's the God we serve!!!! I asked Gabriel for prayer and my whole family also united in prayers.  Miracles do happen every day! God bless
Joy Williams
Since I watch your videos Gabriel Fernandes, I feel totally blessed. I have now a deep inner desire to walk the ways of the Lord & now I know how to pray! I am now baptized with the Holy Spirit. You are such a blessing & God may continue to bless you mighty!
God has blessed so much! He sent his Son to die so that I can have a relationship with him through his Holy Spirit. He is my best friend. When life gets hard and the problems of life are overwhelming he helps me get through. He never forsake me. He is always there welcoming me with open arms. When I go astray he forgives me and bless me when I return. He Loves me so much. My heart is like a cup and his love is like everlasting overflowing water. His presence is a necessity. I am nothing without him. This ministry has brought me closer to him. I Love prayer and fellowship with GFM. I Agree with and I receive the blessings that come with praying with my brothers and sisters in Christ.
Jeffery France Jr
Thank u for pray. God bless u more and more. U are true man of god. My life is change total. tanks god amen glory to god
I had really bad eczema on my hands and other parts of my body which I got last summer. It is gone now.
Maria Schatz