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    Frequent Questions


    Has Ev. Gabriel Fernandes received my invitation request?

    Yes, all invitation requests go to Evangelist Gabriel Fernandes’s desk after processing.


    How can one meet Ev. Gabriel Fernandes?

    Simply wait for an event in your area and attend the event. Ev. Gabriel Fernandes loves to meet all the brothers and sisters from around the world. GFM UPRM announces all the events that the evangelist ministers at on our social media platforms.


    Does Ev. Gabriel Fernandes work with other ministers?

    Evangelist Gabriel Fernandes works with other ministers who prioritise the will of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We at GFM UPRM desire to see the Kingdom advance and for churches to grow. 


    Is GFM UPRM a church?

    GFM United Prayer and revival ministry is not a church but is a registered media and evangelistic center. We have our head offices in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and we travel and have our meetings  as we work with Pastors from around the world in the effort to reach and restore those who are hurting, alone and in need of a touch from their Lord Jesus Christ.